Steps to make your Blackberry Phone run faster

Do  you know that  your Blackberry phone which has been running slow and sometimes freeze can be boosted to

fast with this trick. Well The Simple truth is Every Action, Process on your Blackberry Phone is Logged. You check

Mail, Use Facebook, Chat on Facebook, BBM,Yahoo! Messenger and Twitter etc. This  Processes are stored  the

Blackberry Event Logs which decrease your phone running speed


We got good news, If you are still using a Blackberry smartphone that runs the BB OS or any old-school Nokia

devices, be glad at least for now, because we got steps to help you solve your phone lagging behavior. 

Once this reach a certain level, It tells on the Phone and then it begins to Slow down the RAM of your

device(Blackberry Phone).

The Simple Solution is to clear the Event Log Register and Free your Phone old files that reap its life off.To get your phone back follow this simple steps

1. Hold down the ALT key and press LGLG (the letters) while on your Home screen.

2. This will display your event logs.(it might take a while to load)

3. Now, Click the Blackberry menu button and select “clear log” this will clear the old files slowing your phone down and keeps it running 100% faster!


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