How to get Airtel 2GB data for free

Airtel is giving out Free 2GB Worth of Data to all Subscribers who Purchases their USB Modem Newly.. We decided to work on this to let everyone enjoy it even without buying a New Modem and this is the Outcome. 

1. Get any Huawei or ZTE Modem that has [USSD] Capability, Insert your Airtel Sim Inside. 

2. Goto the Text Message Interface, Send an SMS i.e 3G to 141 , You will receive Free 2GB Instantly without your Credit been deducted. 

3. Remove your SIM Card after you’ve successfully received your Free MB and Insert into your Phone. 

1. You can also use it to Browse on your PC also with your Modem, It Rocks… 

2. USSD Capable Modem allow you to Send SMS, Check Account Balance, Load Airtime via the Modem Software Interface without Removing the SIM, If your Modem can’t do all this without Removing the Sim, Am sorry it aint USSD Enabled and that Automatically disqualify you from this Promo. 

>> To Check your Data Bundle Balance, Dial *141*712*0#, You should see 2.01GB 

WARNING:- You wont receive any Free Data Bundle if you try Sending the Text Message on your Phone, The Unsuccessful Message you will get is “Dear customer, this offer is not available for this device. Please insert the SIM into the device bought for this Purpose”

Thanks For reading.