Nokia Mobile Just Launched Nokia Lumia 920 Windows

Windows  Os  is a popular operating system used by most Phone users. 

The Nokia 920 has everything we always wanted in the windows phone, which includes a longer  larger screen, wireless charging , though its heavy and slippery and sharp design.
 AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 is not for babies. It’s big, it’s heavy, and it takes an influence user to actually appreciate the phone’s special options. If you open your heart and expand your pockets, the Lumia 920’s swish, efficient style fantastically showcases all that the just-launched Windows Phone eight OS must supply. on the far side that,has  wireless charging also cached music system,  take the Lumia 920 a step any than Windows Phone can do on its own, transferring you the roundest, fullest Windows Phone expertise that money should buy.

The good: The  new Nokia Lumia 920 with new Windows Phone ground with wireless charging support and a highly sensitive screen that can be used with gloves.
The bad: A thick, heavy build and slippery finish for some colors make the Lumia 920 harder to hold and carry, and the phone’s overlapped camera doesn’t have enough settings.
The bottom line: Nokia’s Lumia 920 is heavy and thick, but if you want the most powerful, feature-rich Windows phone available, this is it.


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