Steps on how to get 1gig data on Mtn

Do you know that Mtn magic sim is back and working well; it is not blocked. But if your own stopped working, it should start working now because their are new ways for activating mtn magic sim. For the fact that Mtn track
your magic sim doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy free browsing again; infact, 

I have good news for everyone; Mtn is seriously giving out 1Gig data for free. 
I don’t know if this is for everyone but surely I am
a beneficiary. 

I was seriously amazed this afternoon when I angrily called a colleague of mine on my other mtn line; they exhausted the money I recharged without any notification. When I then dial my balance, I saw 0.00. I then
proceeded to dial *559#, low and behold, I saw 1Gig data plan. How manage? I don’ want to know

Steps on how to Get 1Gb Free Data From Mtn?

1. Load #100 on your pulse line

2. Use it until it remains 0.0 naira.

3. Then check your balance by dialing *559# and see if you will be rewarded with 1024Mb left.

Tested and Confirmed

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