Best and Fast Internet Plans For Android , Blackberry Users in Nigeria

With the launch of several android phones and tablets into the nigerian market there are concerns with the best network and data plans to access various resources online like eBooks, videos,games,music etc. 
  After several replies on the best internet plan on android devices in  suitable for a normal android user,so i decided to share some of the best options,according to experience. 
It is a well known fact that Android devices consume more data than Blackberry device. 
 Let me first review some tips about the Mtn network, Mtn blackberry
subscription works perfectly on Android device but only
accessible via the use of VPN.
A vpn is a virtual private network which extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet.
It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public
networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of
the private network
 VPN automatically compress your data therefore enabling you to use more than expected. 
With the Droid Vpn you can surf the net with MTN blackberry plans. For example we had to subscribe for a blackberry one day plan,after few hours we saw that the data cap using Droid VPN was  up to 10GB for just that one day blackberry plan. The vpn can also be used  on PC, android and iPhone for the ease of smooth network speed. with just #100 we can surf the net all day at amazing super fast speeds.
We can also use Airtel blackberry plan on the android device which  works smoothly on all devices including android,Symbian, java phones  and even laptops. You don’t need VPN to use it on your android 
device. Just subscribe for their unlimited plan and use their
default settings that’ all. 
Airtel blackberry plans are offered at 4GB for #1,500; or 6GB data plan for #3,000 that will last almost 3months.
Glo blackberry complete is currently #1,000 but only good for blackberry phones not android or window phones. 
Below is a full table of their various internet plans.
Category Package   Keyword Rental (N) Validity Data bundle*
BIS BIS Month   Bismonth 2,800 30 Days 3 GB
BIS WEEK   Biweek 900 7 Days 700 MB
COMPLETE COMPLETE MONTH   CoMonth 1,400 30 Days 3 GB
COMPLETE WEEK   CoWeek 400 7 Days 700 MB
SOCIAL SOCIAL MONTH   SoMonth 1,200 30 Days 3 GB
SOCIAL WEEK   SoWeek 400 7 Days 700 MB
BES BES MONTH   Besmonth 4,200 30 Days 3 GB
BES WEEK   Besweek 1,400 7 Days 700

Etisalat bis currently does not work on android phone nor PC except you are using it on your blackberry phone. 

Etisalat Daily Blackberry Internet plan:   

  •     Blackberry Social Plan                   Cost: 100  Activation Code: *499*2*2# 
  •     BlackBerry Complete Daily           Cost: 100  Activation Code: *499*3*2#
  •     BlackBerry Internet Service           Cost: 250  Activation Code: *499*5#

Etisalat weekly Blackberry Internet plan :   

  •     Blackberry Social Plan                   Cost: 400    Activation Code: *499*2*1#
  •     BlackBerry Complete                     Cost: 500    Activation Code: *499*3*1#
  •     Blackberry Internet Service            Cost: 1000  Activation Code: *499*6#

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