BlackBerry pause the arrival of BBM to iPhone and Android,

Yesterday BlackBerry was forced to pause the arrival  of BBM to
iPhone and Android, after an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app
was posted online which crashed their servers.

So If you are still waiting for
BlackBerry’s BBM messaging app to hit Google Play and the iOS App Store,
you will be waiting a while longer.

The release of the rouge app over the weekend made over 1 million
people downloaded the leaked BBM app for Android, which caused BlackBerry to pause the launch of Blackberry messenger  for both Google android and Apple ios. But those that have downloaded the apple version will continue to use BBM services.

Reports indicate that, BBM head Andrew Bocking  reveled that the leaked app is an older version that
overloaded company servers with “volumes of data traffic orders of
magnitude higher than normal for each active user.” he was quoted in a blackberry blog post “this will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week.”

As we know, no clear
timetable is being offered as to when the cross-platform messaging app
will be formally released.

This is a big blow to Blackberry as the company is hit with substantial financial losses, withdrawal from the consumer hardware market, and the possibility of a new ownership.

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