Steps on how to buy quality and fair used smartphones

Due to high trend of growth in the mobile phone and high tech gadgets, there is also sky rocket price of some high tech gear. Today I will be writing a guide on buying fairly used mobile phones (popularly known as second hand phones in Nigeria) usually this comes to mind when people want to enjoy high end smartphones and tech gears but do not have the required amount necessary to meet their demand.
As this is an alternatives of buying and enjoying high end devices from the first owners.
There are a whole lot of things you must look into if you don’t want your money to be washed down the drain. This guide will help the buyer and seller to get value from his money than watch old mobile phones rot away in various packs.
Steps on how to purchase fairly used phones .
1. Check The Phone’s Case
When buying  a high end used
smartphone you need to make sure that the casing does not have cracks, oil stains, rough marks or rough smart phone.
Most times rough handed smartphone packs can be replaced but considering the cost of the mobile phone plus phone pack you could end up coming off from a high end. Most times the replacement might bring in faulty issues in the near future. 

2. The phone Screen and keyboard
While we are through with checking the mobile phones case we head straight to the next step which is to check the phone keypad and LCD.  Make sure you confirm that all
the buttons are functioning properly, and in the case of
touch smart phones, examine the touch response of the
smartphone that is the four edges of the screen to is its response and check for tiny cracks to see if it might develop problems in the future.
3. The Battery
Most times we come across a fat phone battery. This type of battery is at its end of cycle which may explode soon. The phone battery is the power store of your smartphone and
should be the next thing you should verify clearly. There are several ways to know if
the smartphone battery is original. Check out the manufacturer logo is still intact.
4. Open and plug in ports.
Most high tech devices and smartphones are charged through USB ports. Because buying a faulty USB port may mean you can not transfer files, videos, MP3 from your PC and mobile phone. You also check the headphone Jack ports. As this helps to listen to tunes, MP3 and. MP4 videos from your phone.  If these ports are not fully functional, you
will definitely regret making the purchase.
5. The Camera Quality
You can start off by checking the camera lens if it has gotten any form of
damages, you can also take some shots in bright light and dim areas to see if it meets your taste because it might come in handy in birthday celebrations. So a good standard camera makes life sweet and nice. Most times a good shot gives inspiration for creativity.
6. Have a full check of other built in stuffs like the Bluetooth, GPS (for GPS enabled devices), Wi-Fi, hotspot, voice response and the phone’s lock code as it might come in handy in case of formatting or resetting the firmware.
7. The price
Here comes the major stud as the price will determine if there will be a sale or not. So ask questions about the particular phone  model manufacturer to see if there were sudden price decline or rise so that you would not feel cheated after the sale is closes. You can also Google out the price to see if there is a match as  this serves as a guide to what you should price as good pricing gives joy after purchase. 

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