Steps on how to watch free champions league and premier league matches on android device.

After receiving a lot mails from my readers on how to watch live and free premier league matches online, i decided to write a tutorial on this issue.
As this might help others solve same problem of getting current matches on their android device. Steps on how to watch free champions league and premier league on android device. With this we can follow most of the key matches online for free as we do not need to go  to a viewing center, to view the life matches. As the Champions league table has been out and heating up i believe this guide will come in handy.

Steps on how to set up your Android phone to watch live matches:

1. From your android device open the Google play application.
2. look up for “Watch Football Live Stream” and select the app by Azeem Sheikh.
3. Download the particular app  and Install.

4. We need a Flash player for the application to work. Get and install Flash player by clicking HERE.
5. Click on the installed app titled  ” Watch Football Live Stream”.
6. You will see almost all the matches to be played that day.
7. Once you open the application, you will be presented with a lot links for you to watch the matches.  If one is not working, you can move over to the next link.
8. With this app we get the Latest highlights of current matches that you missed.

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