Microsoft Updates Windows phone to include driving mode

Microsoft is releasing updates for  its Windows phone OS to accommodate larger smartphones and make it easier for drivers to reduce distractions while driving.This is the third update by Microsoft for Windows Phone 8 since the system’s launch a year ago. Smartphones with this update will start appearing in stores in few weeks, while older smartphones also be eligible for free updates.

The new windows phone upgrade has a new feature known as Driving Mode which will automatically silence incoming calls and texts messages so that you can focus on the road. You can configure the the smartphone as to automatically send out a reply message that you’re driving.

The feature is activated automatically when the mobile phone is linked wireless by a Bluetooth headset. 

The Driving Mode will not, however block  texts or outgoing calls. But there are few ways to override it. 
This update will also allow smarter resolution to accommodate larger display devices. Currently, windows phone supports maximum resolution of 1280 pixels by 768 pixels, which is good for mobile devices with screens not larger than 5 inches display units. The  image and video quality are poor when the phone is stretched out on larger display units which includes a 6.3-inch Android phone from Samsung Mobile.It also affects the layout of  larger phones which now support a third column of tiles. 
Microsoft’s Windows Phone software holds  a worldwide market share of 3.7 % in the second quarter, just behind Apple iOS and Android Os, according to research firm IDC.
With this update Microsoft can catch up with Apple iPhone and Android as Windows phones will now have a rotation lock, which enables the screen not to switch back and forth between vertical and horizontal modes It also includes a central way to close open apps in the layout.

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