How to browse free with droid vpn and terminal emulator on MTN

This goes to all naijainformation users. we know that some of you might have seen this, but for the benefit of those that don’t know how to browse free with your MTNt sim card on your android smartphones, just follow the steps outlined below as this is a new procedure to browse free with MTN in Nigeria.
Steps to browse with MTN free using droid vpn with ping dns server.

For you to enjoy this free browsing you need to get terminal emulator and droid vpn app. 
you also need a rooted android device for this to work for you.

* You have to create a new access point on your device like this

leave the rest blank, save and exit.

* Next is to install the terminal emulator and droidvpn which you downloaded from Google play store on your phone.
* launch the terminal emulator
– type ping inside terminal emulator leave a space then type
there are alot of DNS servers to ping to, just know that is sometimes slow.
you may try
– ping
– ping
– ping
– ping
– ping

Then click the enter key to save the DNS servers.

mtn droid vpn free browsing

Next is to minimize terminal emulator, so we can head to droid vpn

* Open your droidVpn and apply the following settings as listed below
 On Connection protocol select TCP
Port setting
 should be filled with: UDP: 0, TCP: 0
Bind to local port also fill in 8080.

NB: Once you are complete with the above steps, head over and connect your droid vpn, but most times while connecting, it displays error like

Failed to esterblish connection TCP connection or
 connection time out please check your internet connection
Just relax and keep trying until it connets.
 Head over and start browsing and download till you tire. 

Can it work on Android and iPhone ?
NO, it only works for now on rooted android devices PC

DO i need a BIS subscription for it to work
No need for a BIS subscription

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