How to download 2go version 3.7.0 for free

For great lovers of 2go, africas number one mobile messenger, we have reports that a new version of the great mobile app 2go has been released and is up for download. These latest version of 2go v 3.7.0 has been rumored to come with Whatsapp and BlackBerry messenger or BBM features.
When we tested 2go v3.7.0 on a galaxy smartphone, we confirmed that the App is cool as been rumored, it also notifies the user when ever you receive a message even when you are offline.

The new 2go version 3.7.0 can load more than five hundred friends on your list, unlike the old version that has a limit of five hundred friends.

How to Download 2go 3.7.0

For you to download the latest 2go, you need a supported mobile phone, next you can download from here NB: you have to use your mobile phone default browser.

2go 3.7.0

If the above link does not work,you can download from here To get the App straight to your phone.
* Next is to select your country, there after enter your mobile phone number.
NB: You need to enter your 2go PIN if you are a registered member of 2go.

* Once verified, you need to click on OK button, you will be taken straight into your 2go account, after which you can now start chatting with friends and friends.

2go 3.7.0

How to Activate your Facebook friends to chat on 2go?

For you to chat with your Facebook friends on 2go, you need to have your Facebook Username and password, as this will help to connect your 2go account to your Facebook account.

Getting a Facebook username is easy, log on to of and register for an account, if you a new user or log in with your username and password if a registered user.
Now go to your profile at for your username.

* Now open your 2go Instant messenger on your mobile phone, go to Settings > Gateways > Facebook Gateway.
Fill in your Facebook username and your Facebook password.

NB: Once verified, click on OK, you are now ready to start chatting with your Facebook friends on 2go for free.

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