Steps to Browse with GLO BlackBerry subscription on PC Free

Okey guys, this works well using GLO NG blackberry bis subscription. The tweak has super blazing speed.

Steps on how to Browse with GLO BIS on PC free.

* Install the Blackberry Desktop Manager software, which comes with your Blackberry Device on your system

NB: The BlackBerry Desktop Manager comes in a CD format along with a newly blackberry mobile phone. You can also download it Here

* When done with the installation of the Blackberry Desktop Manager

* Plug in your Blackberry smartphone to your system using a USB cable.

NB:When it recognizes your smartphone details proceed to the next step.

* Open your BlackBerry Desktop Manager App, and proceed to “mobile internet” option located on the left bottom corner.

NB: A list of mobile internet service providers will be listed,

* Select the “Add custom” icon , A Box will appear for filling in your network providers settings.

* Fill in the required internet setting into the box “Glo Bis” as profile name then leave username and password empty then Fill in’ as your access point.

* Click ok and then save.* Connect to the Internet through your Blackberry Device and surf at super blazing speeds.

NB AT the time of posting this currently works for Glo only subscribers with BIS subscription

Can it work on Android and iPhone ?
NO, it only works for now on PC
DO i need a BIS subscription for it to work
Yes it works with BIS subscription on GLO network.

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