Steps on how to Block popup adverts on your android device

This guide to loyal readers of As we show you how to stop those excessive and annoying popup ads on your android device. Most times these popup adverts inure unnecessary charges on your data plan also they distract you from what you doing but this actually it also depends on the ad placement on the mobile device.
So In order to get rid of the annoying popup ads on your mobile device, there are a lot of ad-blocker apps which you can download from which include AdBlocker, AdGuard and AdAway which does a lot of good work by eliminating those popup ads on your smartphone.

The Google Play Store is your right source to get original android apps. You can also get the right ad-blocker applications to block the unnecessary adverts on your smartphone. Some of the most popular ad-blocker applications charge a small fee for their service while most of them are free to use. 
In other to successfully block popup ads on your mobile device, you need to first install Adblocker app which can be accessed from the Google play store. 

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Steps on how to get the Adblocker app on your smartphone.

*  Open the Google Play icon on your android device or Here, once it opens 

*  Go to the “Search” and Type “ad blocker” and hit enter on the search button. 
*  From the list of displayed results choose the one that fits your interest you, 
*  Click on the “Install” button next to the name of your preferred ad-blocker application that you want to download.
 * Click the “OK” icon to confirm that you want to install the application on your device.

*  Once the installation is complete, scroll to the Application list on your android phone and launch the ad-blocker app.
 * Follow the instructions on the ad-blocker App on how to use it to block popup ads.

* Click the “Block” option on your Adblocker app to add list of applications you want to block 
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