JAN latest: Steps to activate the GLO Magic SIM for free

We bring to you the hottest tweak for Jan 2014 it’s real, and blazing very fast. Which is the GLO magic sim. The Glo magic sim works on all devices expect blackberry mobile devices, the magic sim has download speeds of 6.8mb/s
This Glo latest tweek works on all types of sites and applications both on android and  PC even also on java mobile phones.
It has unlimited data cap

Steps on how to Activate Glo Magic Sim for free

* You need to have two Glo sims (sim A and sim B) which you need to insert the first sim A into your modem and the second sim B into  a mobile phone but a Nokia touch light phone will be the best
* You need to recharge the sim B in your mobile device or Nokia touch light with #1000 Naira airtime.

* Dial the following code from the phone *127*53# 

NB: The code will subscribe you to a glo package or send 53 to 127.

* Once the subscription is successful  do not browse with it or the whole process will be void and if you are on using an android device turn of the data.
* From that same sim B which you subscribed the the Glo package dial this code which is the unlimited Glo magic code

*127*01*the glo number in your modem # 
e.g *127*01*08072222222#.

Once this is successful you will receive an sms indicating an active data share transfer to your sim A.
*Use the sim A to browse for some minutes and dial the following code on your Sim B. 
*127*02*number of the sim A in your modem#

NB: if you don’t have a modem or nokia touch use a mobile device but make sure that the data connection is not on while you do all this.You can also share the data on Sim B to more than one glo sim.

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