Steps on how to check if your Tecno Phones and battery are fake

Steps on how to check if your Tecno Phones and battery are fake

With the rate at which Tecno phones came into Nigeria and in a few months, the smartphone maker Tecno mobile is now a top seller in the Nigerian market. But with the growth of such good products from tecno also came in the fake ones, as there are now fake Tecno products in the market, so we wish to announce that tecno mobile has provided a means by which you can verify if your tecno smartphone is genuine or fake. Most of these fake products also have the name tecno boldly written on it, as the name is no more a sure way that you are buying an original product.
So Tecno mobile has taken a bold step as other top smartphone markers by creating a medium for its huge customers to check if their smartphone is original or fake.

Once you buy a product from Tecno Mobile be it smartphones,battery or any other accerioes you can verify the authenticity from the Tecno website

Steps on how to check If you have bought an original Tecno product.

* You need to visit the official tecno web page by clicking here 

* Once you get to the page, enter your IMEI code and VC code into the provided field and submit.

NB: The  IMEI code and VC code can be accessed from the back of the phone once you remove the battery

* You will get a notification from tecno informing you on the state of your smartphone be Original or Not.

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