Steps to get 100MB Etisalat internet bundle for free

We got good  news for you all, as we will be showing you steps on how to get free 100MB worth of internet bundle plan for free on Etisalat network. With this you will be getting steady and straight 100MB worth of internet bundle on your etisalat line. This is not a joke, so the better you take this serious the hotter you become.
This is a perfect solution to many android users on how to manage and get a suitable internet data plan, because 100MB worth of internet data is enough for normal browsing the net,checking mails etc except you are a heavy internet down loader which include games, videos and some high quality mp4 tunes. 
Steps on How to get 100MB data on Etisalat monthly for free 

You can be able to receive this offer of 100MB worth of data monthly if you subscribe to any of their data plans and the  rules include:
*  You need to  have a tecno Android smartphone D5 or any other Tecno android Phantom smartphones.
*  You need to have purchased any Etisalat data plans for every month for minimum of  #1000 data plan.
Once the above conditions have been you can proceed to the next step. 
* Insert your new or existing Etisalat line into your phone
* Send the keyword “HIGH” to 8186 on your Tecno android smartphone.
* Once the message have been sent, you will receive a message from Etisalat welcoming you to the 100mb internet bundle monthly plan.
* Set your phone to the appropriate internet setting and continue to browse with your 100MB data bundle.

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