Few things you should know before, pre-order your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

And finally,Launch day for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is over, and now the weekend warriors descend on Apple and connect stores looking to buy iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. These activites are still going to linger for a long time. Actually since 2010 has there been lots of long lines for or insanity about a new “i” device despite with pre-order option, but nothing like this.

To be honest, iPhone 4 was the last gigantic debut weekend, before Apple started taking pre-orders, a new style to shift away sales on the big day. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are much larger when factoring in those 4 million first 24-hour pre-orders. Before you pre-order for Apple’s newest handsets, I present few things you should know about the iPhone latest edition.

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus is even bigger than you think.Unless you already have a Samsung phablet, you will discover that the Plus 6 device to be just that. yesterday in a Verizon store, i was alongside a woman as she compared her iPhone 4S to to the 6 Plus and gasped: “It’s so big!”. 
  • Good luck finding iPhone 6 Plus. The device is sold out pretty much in every store. I randomly called different Apple Stores early this morning, and none seems to have this thing. You can either wait or buy the smaller iPhone series, which is my recommendation for majority buyers.
  • It has an amazing design feature Actually, for some reasons that make no sense to me, the new iPhones have a roundish design rather than flat sides. A a result In my handling of iPhone 6 seems a bit slippery than i rather thought.
  • Don’t buy the 16GB models. Actually, you will regret the decision later on. Spend that extra few bucks for 64GB version. It’s what Apple wants you to do it anyway, else the 32GB version would be the smallest option.To make things clear you will need that extra storage. Just ask anyone trying to scrape off 6GB of free space on older iPhones to install iOS 8.
  •  Expect few problems setting up with Apple ID and restoring apps. Actually, sync is the killer app for most cloud-connected devices. But observing the two different iPhone 6 models, iCloud sync either needs work or labors under the load of way too many people setting up new devices all at once. My restore from backup is slow that a day after receiving the phone, it’s not done as I write, and most of my apps are not installed yet

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