Meet Google Nexus 6P with a 8,500mAh battery case

Few weeks ago, we reported of search engine and android giant plans to manufacture the next latest Google nexus smartphones but till then, we would have to make do with the equally powerful available front liners in the line-up of Google’s Nexus smartphones – LG manufactured Nexus 5X and Huawei produced Nexus 6P. 

To better enjoy these devices you need a better and stronger battery power which is not available, and now a popular smartphone case maker ZeroLemon has succeeded in making smart cases that would help you get the best out of your battery life. with the new phone cases that can carry up to a charge of 8500mAh for your Nexus 6P device. The Google nexus 6P originally comes with less than half of this power, packing a battery rated at 3450mAh.

The smart case would no doubt make your device heavier but you have the ups of the situation to look at – the extended battery life and the protection of the beautiful design that comes with the device.
Currently, the smartphone case is being sold on amazon and you can bump up your battery an additional 8500mAh for just $59.99.

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