FREE VPN: Opera lets You Have Its Free and Unlimited VPN for Android

I know you must have used an opera product, maybe it’s VPN on iPhone. Now for android users, and you’ve searched for a decent VPN on Android that won’t smoke your credit card, then your wait is over. After launching on iOS few months ago, Opera’s popular free and unlimited VPN services is finally available for all Android users. 

Opera VPN allows you connect the web safely, which can be used to spoof your location online but Opera VPN lets you route your web traffic through Canada, Germany, Singapore, or the Netherlands so you can access sites like Netflix. Which makes it seem like you are based in the United states, while you are somewhere else. Currently they are working to add more virtual locations. 
The nice feature of Opera VPN, lets you block ads and ad trackers, check the safety of any Wi-Fi connection with its built-in security test, which checks any connection for better encryption and alerts you of any potential security threats. And to top it all, it’s a 100% free service, no subscription is needed, no login details or Ads flooding your mobile, just install and start surfing.
According to Chris Houston, the president of Opera’s SurfEasy VPN division

“The Opera VPN app for Android sets itself apart from other VPNs by offering a completely free service­ without a data limit, no log­in required, advanced Wi­Fi protection features and no need for a subscription,”

Click here to download Opera VPN which is 46MB in size takes few seconds to set up.