Now, You Can Get a Refurbished iPhone Directly From Apple

If you still need latest Apple’s lineup of refurbished products, coming with a sterling reputation for quality control and you don’t mind if your hardware is brand new, then you need to get yourself a refurbished iPhone at a reasonable discount.

All the refurbished products have great discount when compared to the new hardwares, as the iPhones are 15% off the price of a new phone. With this offer an iPhone 6s with 16GB goes for $449, iPhone 6s Plus for $529 with 16GB while the 64GB foes for $589. 
All the refurbished iPhones are unlocked and currently available in all colors. Moreover, all the phones come with brand new batteries and outer shells, so it’s just only internal hardware that’s is been used. (It would certainly be nice if they had an option for 6s with more than 16GB, but it’ll probably show up eventually.)
These refurbished devices also come with the same one-year warranty as a new phone. Visit the Apple Store for the full details of their current offerings.