Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR Power Bank Review

Smartphones are now becoming more powerful, and better at what they do, making power banks an important accessory for everyday mobile phone owners.

Today, we present the Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR, a fantastic power bank with an excellent design concept.


The fine finish of the Topaz PP-80AR Power bank is inspired by the modern, fast-paced lifestyle that demands you to have a power bank that is highly portable to provide adequate battery juice that keeps you charged up while on the go.

That said, here are the specifications of the Topaz PP-80AR Power Bank;

Dimensions: 127 x 66 x 11 mm

Input: 2A

Output: 2.1A

Capacity: 8000 mAh



The Topaz PP-80AR is exquisite light and one of the core reasons you should get one of the power bank. Is time we get use to beautiful and fast phone accessory rather ugly and heavy accessory, making it uncomfortable to carry around, but you have to.


With Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR power bank, you get a svelte profile, rounded corners and an awesome finish. The power bank comes in three colors, Black, White, Gold and Pink.

The power bank also comes with four Indicator lights at the bottom that provides info about how much battery juice you have left.

USB Port

The Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR has one USB port placed strategically at the top of the power bank. The USB port is reversible, meaning that you don’t have to fumble in order for you to find the correct way to connect the power bank to your smartphone.


Normally, modern power banks come with at least two USB ports, but this one has one only one. Therefore, it’s kind a little deal breaker, especially if you prefer to charge two devices at once.

Charging Input

The Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR has an 8000 mAh capacity and it takes between 3.5 hours to 4 hours to charge it from 0 to 100%.

Charging Output

The Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR power bank has a nice output rating of 2.1A which similar to the rating you will find in some non-fast charging mobile phones.

It takes you about 2 hours to charge a standard 3000 mAh smartphone battery from 0% to 100% using the Topaz PP-80AR power bank.

Another point is the charging speed, which stands at 6/10 rating, coming in as average. They should have slightly increased to higher charging output rating since fast-charging technology is gradually taking over.


Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR power bank packaging includes a USB charge cable. The cable is really short and thus of inconvenience especially if you want to use your smartphone while it’s recharging.

However, using the normal USB charge cable that comes with your smartphone sorts out the issue.


Another point to note with Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR power bank, is the 6 months limited warranty. By limited it simply means that the warranty does not cover misuse of the power bank or the normal wear and tear.


Having used the Oraimo Topaz PP-80AR power bank, i would say a fantastic product especially if you are out shopping for a solid accessory that offers more than what you pay for.

The Topaz PP-80AR has a cool retail price of  ₦5,000 in stores nationwide.