Blackberry Mercury Set to Run Android Nougat 7.0 in new leak

We came across a new leak, suggesting that Blackberry Mercury has been showing up when we thought that we might seen all the surprises this unit could possibly offer. We can see from the images the home screen of the alleged Mercury, this confirms that the device would be having its screen set at a resolution of 1620 x 1080 pixels am also, brings a bigger news on board.


Coming in form of a tweet from Roland Quandt, the leak also shows clearly the blackberry device running the latest android operating system – the Nougat 7.0. Taking a look at the comment section of the tweet, Quandt also believes that there is high chance that the device gets launched in Indonesia, even though we know that the jurisdiction of TCL doesn’t extend into that region.


Also coming the the tipster, is a shocker suggesting the BB Mercury would be running the Snapdragon 625 chipset out of the box instead of the 821 SoC that we have been hearing about for a while. This sure dials the awesomeness of this unit down some notches.

Whats you’re thought on Blackberry running Nougat 7.0 ?

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