Infinix Note 3 takes over as Most Searched Android Smartphone Of 2016 In Nigeria

The reports are out, and Nigeria standing strong as the biggest smartphone markets in Africa which continues to appreciate daily, attracts smartphone producers which include ‘Infinix Note 3’ with a  launch in 2016.

From Google’s top search in 2016 revels Infinix Note 3 smartphone was the most searched android smartphone in Nigeria. The device lead the group after  Apple’s Iphone 7, Infinix Note 3 beat Samsung Galaxy S7 on the top search mobile phones list.

Infinix Mobility also launched successfully, five other devices last year in Nigeria with increased demand from customers and the open market.

Two of the smartphones launched made it to the ‘Top 10 most searched mobile phone list’ in Nigeria in 2016 ‘Infinix Note 3 & HOT 4’ other Infinix phones on the list includes, Infinix Zero 3, the 4th generation of the Zero series ‘Zero 4’ was launched in December 2016 and Infinix Hot 2 which was launched with Google in 2015.

Infinix mobility continues to excite customers with unbeatable smartphone price, features and still high in demand 2017.

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