The Revived Nokia 3310 Won’t be an Android Phone

When news of the comeback Nokia 3310 was released last week the whole internet was sent rumbling as the news went viral with multiple renders of a new Nokia 3310 phone circulating an android powered Nokia 3310. But sources have it that revived phone won’t be an Android phone but will remain a feature phone.


Here are the few details we know about Nokia 3310

  • No android : The revived Nokia 3310 will remain a feature phone, and not an android smartphone.
  • Design: Also sources have it that the design of the phone will not look much different from the first release back in year 2000. The only clear changes will be in the weight and thickness.
  • The physical key position will remain the same but the key size will be adjusted.
  • Will come in multi-color fuselage style , including green, red and yellow options.
  • Also the screen of the phone will come larger and will be upgraded to a color screen .

So how much are you willing to pay for revived version of Nokia 3310 ?

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