Xiaomi launches the Redmi Note 4X in a color splash, to launch tomorrow

Xiaomi has started cooking is now ready to dish out, but before the air gets filled with love that you might not notice some of the little things, Xiaomi is ready to show us love in their own little way by giving us by releasing Redmi 4X unit. The Redmi Note 4X is the latest phone announced by the company and to be candid, we can’t tell the difference between this device and the original Redmi Note 4.


Also the pricing of this unit is not so pocket friendly, and you better be having some spare $145 lying around if you also want to be an owner of this amazing handset this translates to about N75,000 which we think is rather affordable. The sales for Redmi Note 4X are to start on the 24th of February and there are some special offers attached to the first few that purchase package.

For example, if you were buying now, you can get an extra battery back and protective casing in the box that would cost interested buyers arouund $189 instead. Again, that is about $N85,000.