Red iPhone: Meet Apple’s New iPhone Looking Like

Today we meet Red iPhone, If only Apple had released this lovely product on Valentine’s day, the sales would have skyrocketed. But on that note they didn’t though, maybe is for a good reason.

Apple fans, get in here and prepare to be amazed, seeing red because Apple just dazzled us with its first ever red iPhone and it looks amazing!

Few hours ago, Apple announced the latest addition to its product line, to celebrate 10 years of partnership with (RED)—the global organization dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS—it was releasing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition.

Also with the launch, any purchase of the RED iPhones will bring lots of benefit to (RED)’s Global Fund, which helps in fighting HIV and AIDS through testing, counseling, treatment and prevention programs.

There are other news during the launch,— like the announcement of a new video-editing app called Clips, Apple is also increasing the storage capacity of the iPhone SE to 128GB and launch of new iPad —but let’s be honest, we’re here for the red iPhone!

So, how do you get your hands on one of these special red iPhones? The phones will be available on Friday, March 24, at the price of $749.


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