Samsung gets in on Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks, reveals key specs on the unit

With this latest leak, it seems now that everything we need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 family has already been leaked, and what is remaining is the official launch.

However, before the Galaxy S8 device gets announced officially, it seems like the South Korean OEM wants to get their hands involved in the leaks, as they have provided a rather comprehensive report on what the next Samsung Galaxy S8 aims to capture the market with.

From the Philippines website of Samsung mobile, the official pre-registration page shows a pretty boxes and tags that need to be filled, but then after that, you get something youself a feel of what’s to come, as seen in the image below now.

However, Samsung isn’t saying it directly, but we believe these would be the selling point of the Samsung Galaxy S8,
as we are intrigued as to what Samsung has in the box.

Another thing, is how they hope to achieve the superior camera status with a 12MP shooter like the S7’s, or are they planning to manage the enhance battery life claim with reports already claiming that the Samsung battery capacity would remain unchanged to what they have on the Galaxy S7 units.

We have a posttive outlook, as Samsung might know something that we don’t, and we wait for that.

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