4 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 instead of S7 Edge

The process of choosing between these two models could be reduced to these three things: your expectations from the diagonal of the smartphone display, your fondness of extraordinary things and how important an autonomy is for you. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is quite out of the ordinary. Samsung Galaxy S7 sticks to classic solutions instead. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is quite large and features a long-lasting battery. Samsung Galaxy S7 is just the perfect size.

Now we will tell you why the Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than its “big brother”!

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Galaxy S7 is cheaper but its level of coolness is about the same!


Speaking about the ergonomics, Samsung Galaxy S7 is definitely better. It’s not even about the diagonal.

The entire model line of the Galaxy 2016 features rather high location of volume control keys. However, if the 5-inch models are still comfortable to use, with the 5.5-inch models you will have to shift the smartphone in your hand in order to turn the sound up or down.

Therefore, people with smaller hands should definitely choose Galaxy S7!

No Edge Screen? It will do!

Yes, Galaxy S7 does not have an edge-screen with all the consequences. It’s worth mentioning, though, that users have lived without it for years. So will you. Moreover, you wouldn’t necessarily use even if you had it.

Manufacturers regularly add new features to their devices, but even buyers of the most expensive and sophisticated smartphones do not always go beyond the first settings menu and the usual 5-10 functions.

If you are one of those conservative users, you certainly do not need the Edge feature!

Shape of edges

Perhaps you are even one of those people who do not get aesthetic pleasure from looking at those edges and interaction with a curved display. For example, it may spoil the pleasure of watching a movie for you, while sharp edges may hurt your palms. In this case Edge technology is also not for you!


These two smartphones, being completely identical in characteristics, are very different in use and sensations. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a time-proven classic for those who prefer old-school solutions and powerful hardware at the same time. Galaxy S7 Edge is an exquisite piece for those who like the sophistication of the surrounding world.

It’s up to you to choose which one you like more!

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