Report – Google to Buy off HTC Smartphone Business

Report – Google to Buy off HTC Smartphone Business

Reports indicate Google is about is take over HTC phones, which goes to show that only the strong can survive in this smartphone battle, as currently HTC seems to be in a bad shape and might soon give up just like the famous  blackberry.

Another reports goes to suggest that HTC experienced a 51.5% decline in revenue from the previous month and a 54.3% decline from last August, making it their worst month in the past 13 years.

With all this bad financial report, HTC is financially handicap and rumor has it that Google is about to acquire HTC smartphone business with two options available for them: either becoming a strategic partner, or outright buying the entire smartphone unit.

When a trending profitable business repeatedly experiences massive losses, and poor product sales then it’s a clear signal that its time to hang the boot for others to continue the game of succession.

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