Giveaway iphone – Get Certified Refurbished Apple iPhones for only N55,500 ( Nigerians Only)

Giveaway iphone – Get Certified Refurbished Apple iPhones for only N55,500 ( Nigerians Only)

With recent economic situations is now possible to get refurbished items straight from the manufacturer in Nigeria most especially reconditioned certified Apple devices with guarantee.

At this point, is very important we state, there is a very big difference between Fairly used phones and Refurbished phones.

Refurbished Products from Apple are pre-owned devices that has gone through brands strict refurbishment process and standards ( tested and confirmed) before been offered for sale and comes with guarantee like a new iphone.

While Fairly used phone is sold as-is, not monitoring nor any test has been carried out on them rather is just there without any guarantee.


When it comes to refurbished cell phone, is very important to know that it is not new, but that does not mean it has been used much.

Many users in Europe and America most times, when they an iPhone and then decide to change, they simply walk in to Apple stores return it within a couple of days of purchase though there is absolutely nothing wrong with these phone.

The manufacturer cannot legally sell this products as new as many have not been used in the rel sense. Other phones have been returned because they stopped working properly or because they simply got old and worn and the owner wanted something new.

Refurbished phones in it’s sense comes cheaper in price when compared to the new and today Jumia – online shopping mall just launched a platform for Certified Refurbished Phones with 6 Months guarantee shipped internationally.

You can now get your desired iphones as cheap as N55,500.

Check Certified refurbished phones on Jumia here. What is your thoughts on this?

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