Reveled! : How your Smartphone Can Make You Go Blind

Have you observed that when you view your smartphone for a long period of time and then you lift your head up, you notice that your eyes are somewhat blurry?


Smartphones are gradually making us  go blind, is bold statement but if you love to see your mobile phone brightness level very bright even while in the dark corners.

Research have shown that using a smartphone at night, in the dark, especially during bedtime, can actually cause the feeling of “transient smartphone blindness” , Some smartphone users must have noticed that you can reflexively close your left eye and open the right one but it becomes  very hard to close the right eye and open the left one….or vice versa?


While late at night,  you need to use your smartphone before you go to sleep. Although the mobile phone lights are out with glaring screen is bright enough for your eyes to see whatever it is you’re scrolling or reading.

The research have gone to prove how two women suffers transient smartphone blindness age 22 and 40, by using their smartphones while lying in bed at night could seriously cause harm to your vision.

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Here is what you should do to prevent transient smartphone blindness

  • During late hours or before you go to sleep, try and reduce the brightness of your smartphone to the minimum level in order to avoid transient smartphone blindness, as this go a long way to save you from unnecessary effects to your health.
  • To those of us, making use of laptop, you’ll notice that your eyes are gradually being affected either because you stay too much on the system and as a result, its affecting your vision. Also try and reduce your system brightness to the possible minimum.

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