Xiaomi may soon launch Phone With Dual Under-Display Selfie Cameras

Reports indicate that Xiaomi has already confirmed on building an under-display camera technology for its upcoming phones, and has also briefly explained how it works.

As a patent filed by Xiaomi last year has surfaced online, and it indicates schematics of a phone with dual under-display selfie cameras. The diagrams in Xiaomi’s patent application suggest that the phone will have an all-screen display without any bezels on the sides and chin whatsoever.

However, they are still don’t prove much as the final product might end up looking a bit different than its depiction in the patent application.

But when the front camera is not being used, the pixels in the region directly above the camera sensor will come alive and blend with the rest of the pixels on the display to provide a seamless look.

This is a bit different from Oppo’s solution, where a rectangular area above the front camera sensor was clearly discernible from the adjacent area on the screen.