Facebook rolls out disappearing messages for Messenger and Instagram

Facebook has announced disappearing messages, a Snapchat-like feature for Facebook messenger and Instagram. The new disappearing messages feature, will allow instagram and messenger users to share something silly or embarrassing with each other, as the chats are set to automatically delete after the message is seen and the chat is closed.

The disappearing messages on instagram and messenger, works with text chats, emoji, pictures, GIFs, voice messages, and stickers, which will disappear after they’ve been seen and users leave the chat. Users of this messenger platforms are meant to enable the feature from within an existing chat.

How To Enable disappearing messages, In Messenger

The disappearing messages mode can be enabled within an existing chat by swiping up on your mobile device’s screen while in the chat.

  • Upon the first launch, a screen will appear explaining how the feature Mode works.
  • Once activated, the screen goes dark to signal the change.

How To Turn It Off In Messenger

To exit, you simply tap on the “Turn Off Mode” button at the top of the screen.

According to Facebook, “We’re slowly rolling out vanish mode on Messenger and Instagram. Vanish mode is now available on Messenger in the US and a handful of other countries, and it’s coming soon to more places.”

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