iPhone 13 to feature LEO Satellite Communication to allow Voice Calls, Messages Without network Coverage

Voice Calls and Messages Will Be Possible Without Cellular Coverage on the iPhone 13 Thanks to LEO Satellite Communication.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reportedly projected in a note to investors that the iPhone 13 series would include low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication connectivity, allowing users to conduct calls and send texts without having cellular coverage. The hardware in the next-generation iPhones is reported to be ready to support communication via LEO satellites in locations where normal 4G or 5G coverage isn’t accessible.

A customized chip could be included in the iPhone 13 models to support new communication experiences. Apple is rumored to be collaborating with Globalstar, an American satellite business that maintains a low-Earth-orbit satellite network for low-speed data connection and satellite phone services.

Kuo stated in his note to investors that if the iPhone 13 models are equipped with the appropriate software, users would be able to make voice conversations and send text messages without the need for a 4G or 5G cellular connection. A customized Qualcomm X60 baseband chip is rumored to be included in the upcoming iPhone series to facilitate communication via LEO satellites.

Qualcomm is apparently collaborating with Globalstar to provide satellite communication access on mobile devices using Qualcomm’s X65 processor over the n53 band. The iPhone 13 family, on the other hand, appears to have a similar experience thanks to the X60 modem.

At this time, it’s unknown whether Apple would offer LEO satellite communication access for ordinary phone calls and texting, or whether it will be confined to FaceTime and iMessage. Individual telecom operators must negotiate with the satellite firm to enable communications without their regular cellular link, therefore the new experience may not be available to worldwide markets.