Netflix Launches Website to Rank Top 10 Movies, Shows by Hours Viewed

Netflix has launched a new website that will showcase the service’s most popular titles. On a newly constructed website, the platform will showcase the “Top 10” titles, which will track the performance of various shows on the platform.

Viewers will be able to follow English and non-English movies and TV episodes on the Netflix Top 10 website, as well as how well those films are performing in different regions, signaling a change in how the streaming service communicates data with its customers.

The service used Twitter to announce the introduction of the new Netflix Top 10 website, noting that it has received a lot of feedback regarding its metrics over the years. The new website will offer weekly lists on a global and country level, as well as listings of the platform’s most popular titles. The service will organize the most popular titles on the Top 10 website by view hours every Tuesday, according to the business.

Netflix also clarified the methodology behind its measures, stating that the lists would be sorted by the number of hours viewed per title (for movies or a season of a certain TV show), with hours tracked from Monday through Sunday.

Seasons will be measured separately and may appear in a list as different entries. Netflix also stated that all titles, not just those created by Netflix, will be eligible for the list. “Because we self-report, we’ve hired EY, an independent accounting company, to analyze our new metrics, and we’ll provide their report in 2022,” De Rosso explained.

The Top 10 website is presently available in English and Spanish, with Netflix announcing that more languages would be added next year. Netflix will compile a list of the top ten English-language films, television shows, non-English-language films, and television shows (non-English).

Viewers will be able to compare ranks from more than 90 nations. However, the business concedes that tracking hours viewed will benefit longer series and movies, so the service will also issue “specialty lists” that highlight the best documentary features or reality shows.

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