World’s Largest Power Bank, with a capacity of 27,000,000mAh, can charge more than 5,000 phones.

Handy Geng, a Chinese electronics influencer, has developed a gigantic 27,000,000 mAh power bank. In January, Geng documented the process of making the power bank in a YouTube video. With a witty remark, he added: “Everyone else’s power bank appears to be larger than mine.” That doesn’t make me happy. So I built a portable charger power bank with a capacity of 27,000,000 mAh.

With 3,000 mAh batteries, his power bank can charge up to 5,000 phones. The inventor appears to have made use of a large battery pack similar to those found in electric vehicles.

%smartphone review%
%smartphone review%

The power bank is 5.9×3.9ft in size. The massive device comes with a protective frame and roughly 60 connectors. Through its output charging connectors, it can accommodate a 220V electrical potential voltage. Plus, there’s more. This power bank may be used to power significant electronic devices such as televisions, washing machines, and even electric scooters.

Geng has added wheels to the device to make it easier to transport. It has a similar appearance to a conventional power bank on the market, however it is significantly larger. While it is too large to transport while traveling, it helps address the issue of frequent power outages in residences.

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