Top jobs that pay very well without a bachelor’s degree.

With unemployment on the rise amid the pandemic situation, many young people are currently looking for work, which you may consider less expensive with high pay checks that only require an associate’s degree in a related field to qualify.

In this article, we have listed the top paying jobs that don’t necessarily require a bachelor’s degree to make a cool. income.

Air traffic controllers

Working as Air traffic controllers, you be tasked to monitor and direct the movement of aircraft on the ground or in the air. Air traffic controllers issue takeoff and landing instructions to pilots, also notify them about changes in weather patterns or any runway closures, and control surrounding ground traffic. As Air traffic controllers, you can get paid unto $122,020 per year.

Web developers

Working as a Web developer, you be tasked to build client websites using coding languages like HTML and JavaScript. Web developers create websites’ content and do maintenance on the websites they’ve built, including fixing user issues. Here you earn $73,760 per year.

Aerospace engineering and operations technicians

Working as a technician of aerospace industry offers you the opportunity to operate and maintain equipment used to develop, test, and produce aircraft and their operating systems. Aerospace technicians build test facilities for aircraft, install them with new tech, and run computer simulations tools. You earn a cool $66,020 per year.

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians

For Electrical and electronics engineering technicians you be required to work with electrical engineers to build, test, and repair instruments like computers, medical devices, and communications equipment.  Working as a technician here earns you $65,260 per year.

Radiologic and MRI technologists

Been employed as a Radiologic and MRI technologists, requires one to operate and maintain X-ray machines. You also be required to prepare patients for procedures with the machines and work daily with physicians to evaluate the resulting images. Working as Radiologic and MRI technologists will earn you a median salary of $62,280 per year.

Radiation therapists

Working as Radiation therapists, requires to administer radiation treatments to patients with cancer and other diseases. You also address questions or concerns a patient may have and explain the procedure to them. You may operate the machinery that administers the radiation, and monitor a patient’s treatment. Here you can get paid $85,560 per year.

Dental hygienists

As Dental hygienists, you are tasked to provide preventative care for patients. Their duties include assessing patients’ oral health, removing tartar and plaque from teeth, applying sealants and fluoride to protect teeth, and educating patients about oral hygiene. Working as Dental hygienists you can expect $76,220 per year.


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