YouTube is experimenting with Smart Downloads, which automatically downloads 20 videos every week.

YouTube is apparently testing a new feature that allows users to watch videos without needing to connect to the internet. When an Android device is connected to Wi-Fi, YouTube’s new Smart Downloads feature can automatically download videos.

The most recent Smart Downloads feature allows you to download up to 20 recommended videos every week. For a limited time, it is apparently available as an experimental feature for a select group of members. YouTube Music has a Smart Downloads feature that allows users to automatically download music when connected to a Wi-Fi network based on their past listening habits.

According to reports, while the gadget is connected to Wi-Fi, the Smart Downloads feature can automatically download 20 videos per week. By going to the Downloads page from the Library tab, users can access the offline content under the banner Smart Downloads. The new feature is currently being tested by users across Europe, according to the article.

Users who do not have adequate phone storage to download all 20 videos for the week will supposedly be notified. The new functionality is also stated to be compatible with the most recent Android version. Premium customers can try out this function till February 14 as an experimental feature.

Premium members can now use the Smart Downloads function on YouTube Music. Users can download their favorite songs and videos to their mobile devices and listen to them offline.

When the Smart Downloads feature is turned on, the app will download content based on the user’s previous listening behavior when connected to Wi-Fi. To keep the downloads up to date, users should reconnect to the Internet at least once every 30 days.

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