YouTube Music Introduces New Features and Enhances the Radio Algorithm to Show More Artists

YouTube Music has updated its radio algorithm to include additional artists, as well as new features like Family OS and Wear OS Shuffle. The new features are part of a number of updates to YouTube Music that Google announced in February and March. The new adjustments mean that picking a song from the search results will only play that track.

Family listening has been moved to a new family shelf on YouTube Music, and the Listen Again shelf will no longer show duplicates. You can now shuffle play all of your downloaded songs on the YouTube Music Wear OS app. According to a recent rumor, YouTube is allegedly trying to improve podcast ingestion on its platform.

The enhancements to YouTube Music are part of Google’s schedule of YouTube Music updates for February and March. YouTube Music has altered the “back-end logic that nominates the music that shows up” on Song Radio in order to “boost artist diversity in these playlists,” according to the company. This means that instead of producing a radio station, selecting a song from the search results will now only play that track. From the Up Next queue, you may still choose to enable Autoplay.

Family listening has been relegated to a new shelf on YouTube Music. A customised Family Mix and other music can be found on the family shelf. Additionally, duplicates will no longer be displayed on the Listen Again shelf on YouTube Music for smart televisions and game consoles. There will be a “increased number of results” on the Listen Again shelf.

Instead of being limited to ordered play and playlist shuffles, the YouTube Music Wear OS software now allows you to shuffle play all of your downloaded music.

According to a recent report, YouTube appears to be planning to compete with podcast industry behemoths Apple and Spotify. An 84-page document that is believed to define the company’s roadmap has been purportedly leaked. The text is thought to be aimed at podcast producers. YouTube is allegedly working to improve podcast consumption on its platform, according to this leaked document. A new podcast homepage with a familiar YouTube style is also coming.

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