How to Use the New Call Links in WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to improve its user experience by introducing a new feature called call links. Anyone can join a call using this function simply clicking on the link. This feature is now available to some instant messaging service beta customers.

The call link feature allows you to contact someone without first adding them to your contacts. Each time you make a call, a new call link is created to ensure that no one may join your private discussion without your permission.

To use this function, go to the app’s calls tab and check if your WhatsApp account has access to the new call connection option.

  • Then, choose a contact format from audio or video, and a link will be created instantly.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into your WhatsApp conversations, or hit Make Call Link to share it with WhatsApp or another app.

Because sharing the connection extends to third parties, this is a versatile option for users. It’s ideal for one-time calls with someone you don’t know well. This capability is only available to individuals with whom you shared the link, preserving your privacy and security.

The call connection feature is now available in the Microsoft Store’s latest WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2307.3.0 upgrade. WhatsApp continues to give its users with the most creative and user-friendly messaging service on the market with this new feature.

Stay tuned for more WhatsApp upgrades and new features.