Amazon Alexa Will Soon Have Capabilities Comparable to ChatGPT

Tech giants are investing heavily on generative AI. In the near future, generative AI features will be integrated into nearly every product category in the IT industry. Amazon Alexa, a widely used virtual assistant, is also benefiting from the introduction of conversational AI capabilities, which will hopefully hasten the company’s goal of developing a fantastic AI-powered personal assistant.

A recent media conference held at the company’s headquarters in Seattle, US, had comments from Dave Limp, senior VP of devices and services. “It’s now a question of just how do we implement it,” he added.

The end aim is for people to be able to have conversations with Alexa that sound more human. The use of generative AI would make this process even more efficient for Amazon Alexa. Limp elaborated on why Amazon can’t just incorporate ChatGPT into Alexa during the briefing. Large language models, he said, are prone to “hallucinate” every once in a while.

That could cause problems for Alexa and similar virtual assistants. Amazon Alexa is trusted by consumers because she provides reliable results when asked about prices, the weather, or activating smart home gadgets. Limp further revealed that several hidden generative AI models are already in operation and producing results.

Limp disclosed that people are using Alexa more frequently than before. He claimed that usage of Alexa has increased by more than 30% annually. “It’s become their new normal and a new habit,” he explained. Customers are doing things like listening to music and podcasts, shopping, making lists, setting alarms, etc. There are several more Alexa-enabled gadgets in development at Amazon and they are “basically in the oven and baking, and ready to come put.”