How to Get USA Number for Whatsapp

Having a US phone number is one of the best ways to get access to some websites that block access to countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and India due to geographical restrictions. Perhaps you have a friend or family member in the United States with whom you’d like to speak without wasting a lot of airtime on international calls.

If you participate in online surveys, having a US number makes it very easy because some survey-based websites are only open to a few nations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few European countries, so getting a US number for verification is very important. You can also use it for business, and if you’re a freelancer, you can use it on some of the greatest freelancing sites around.

To get a free USA phone number, you’ll need the following items:

  • Password and working email address
  • A reliable VPN (Can be Free or Paid)
  • USA Area Code (a code that’s issued to all states in the US, and each code reflects a different type of phone numbering system) You may look for it by searching on Google.
  • App to Change Your Location (Optional in most cases).

Google Voice: This is the best option, but works well if you already have a friend or family member in the United States. The Google Voice number can be used on any website and can make unlimited calls.

How to get a phone number in the United States using the Google Voice App:

  • Connect to any USA location using your VPN software, then connect to your selected location.
  • Open your Gmail app, then select the right topbar icon, scroll down, and select (Add Another Account > Google > Create Account. ) To receive the OTP Code, enter your information and your normal phone number.
  • After that, you’ll need to download the Google Voice App, which you can do by search on the Google Play store App. (Also, make sure the new email you established is your Google Play Store App’s default email.
  • Open your VPN (While still connected to your VPN, open the Google Voice App.)
  • You’ll be prompted to choose an email address to sign in with; use the newly generated email address.
  • Then you’ll need to choose which location in the United States you want your USA phone number to come from.
  • After you’ve chosen a location, you’ll be prompted to enter a phone number to obtain an OPT code. (To do so, you’ll need to ask a friend or family member for their real USA phone number, which you can then enter and the OTP code will be delivered to it.)
  • Once you’ve received the OTP code, enter it, and your account will be validated.
  • Now, in the Google Voice App, go to your profile and look for your USA phone number. You can make and receive free calls and texts with the Google Voice App.

With the TextMe app, you can also get a free US phone number.

TextMe is another free virtual phone number software that is easier to set up. This app also needs the use of a VPN, so follow the instructions below to learn how to get a free US phone number using TextMe.

How to get a free US phone number

  • Download and install the TextMe App on your Android or iOS device, you can do that by searching on the Google play store
  • Connect to your VPN, then open the TextMe app and either create a new account or sign up with your Gmail account.
  • If you aren’t utilising the Gmail sign up option, fill in the relevant information and then claim any of the numbers listed on your screen.
  • You’re done; you now have a free USA phone number to contact and text your friends, family, and business associates in the United States.