MediaTek and Nvidia to Develop Car Technology for Streaming, Games, and AI-Driven Interaction

On Monday, Nvidia and MediaTek announced a partnership to develop hardware and software for next-generation automotive infotainment systems. These systems will be able to stream video and games to passengers and interact with drivers using AI.

The deal was revealed at the Computex technology exhibition in Taipei, and it calls for MediaTek to incorporate an Nvidia graphics processing unit chiplet and Nvidia software into the system-on-chips it sells to car manufacturers for use in infotainment systems.

The firms indicated that automated driving systems built on Nvidia technology will be interoperable with MediaTek systems that utilize Nvidia software. Cameras could keep an eye on the driver while dashboard screens showed the outside scene.
At a news conference in Taipei, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said, “The automotive industry needs strong companies that can work with the industry for decades at a time.” Huang was referring to the lengthy product cycle that the auto industry has.

He went on to say that the alliance would result in chips that could power “every single segment of a car,” citing the “quality, strength, and positions of our two companies” as potential foundations for future business success in the automotive sector.

As car companies include elements like gaming, AI for voice-activated functions, driver monitoring systems, and displays connected to autonomous driving, in-vehicle displays and entertainment systems become more intricate.
MediaTek’s main competitor in the smartphone market, Qualcomm, has also been reaching out to automobiles. Earlier this year, Qualcomm and SalesForce announced that they would be working together to create a new connected vehicle platform.

The firms said that the partnership will allow Nvidia to expand into the infotainment system-on-chips business, which is estimated to be worth $12 billion (approximately Rs. 99,000 crore).

In the automotive industry, Nvidia is concentrating on high-end manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover. MediaTek, a company with roots in the Android smartphone chip business, markets its Dimensity Auto technology to mass market, lower priced car lines thanks to its proficiency with mobile networking and Android systems.

“There are a lot of segments they’re addressing that Nvidia has not addressed,” said Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s vice president, automotive.