WhatsApp has released WhatsApp Chat Lock Privacy Protection

Whatsapp has released a new security feature called “Chat Lock” which is currently being rolled out to all users. Whatsapp users now have more control over their personal data thanks to the updated feature.

Whatsapp has been updating the chat messenger app software to add new features and fix bugs. Users of the app easily can lock their discussions with a password or fingerprint with Chat Lock. This ensures that only the mobile app users have access to their private communications.

Last month, Whatsapp began working on the feature and rolling it out to some Android customers with the beta version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Said: “WhatsApp Chat Lock”

Our team is dedicated to exploring novel avenues for ensuring the confidentiality of your communications. We believe this function will be useful for those who occasionally need to lend their phones to loved ones or for those times when you happen to lend your phone to someone else at the exact moment a very meaningful message arrives.

How Does the WhatsApp Chat Lock Function?
WhatsApp Users can activate WhatsApp Chat Lock by going to the conversation’s chat settings and selecting “Lock Chat.” They be asked to enter a PIN or scan their fingerprint to continue.

Once the WhatsApp Chat Lock is activated, users will be unable to access the chat by just pushing down on the inbox without first entering their PIN or scanning their fingerprint.

WhatsApp has announced upcoming improvements to WhatsApp Chat Lock such as the ability to lock for companion devices and generate a unique password for chats separate from the one used to unlock the phone.

Over the next few days, WhatsApp Chat Lock will be made available to all WhatsApp users on both Android and iOS. You can find out if the latest version is available for your app by simply updating it.