WhatsApp Announces Channels, Soon to Be Available on Your Smartphone

Whatsapp is introducing yet another brand-new feature known as channels.

Users have a dependable and secure method to receive crucial updates from other people and organizations in the form of channels, which they can access privately. The purpose of this feature is to provide users with a distinct location for following channels of interest, apart from their normal discussions with friends and family.

As an administrator, you have the ability to communicate with your followers using text, photographs, videos, stickers, and polls. WhatsApp is in the process of developing a directory that users can search through to locate channels that cover topics such as their favorite hobbies, sports teams, local politicians, and more. This will make it simpler for users to identify channels that are relevant to them. Users are also able to join channels by following invite URLs that are distributed via chats, emails, or internet platforms.

According to the firm, the history of the WhatsApp Channel will be preserved on our servers for up to thirty days, and we want to introduce new features that will make updates disappear from follower’s devices even more quickly. A further option that will be available to admins is to prevent screenshots and forwarding from their channel.

You have the ability, as an administrator, to choose who can follow your channel and whether or not your channel will be discoverable in the directory.

We do believe there are some situations in which end-to-end encrypted channels to a limited audience would make sense, such as a non profit or health organization, and this is something that we are examining as a future possibility as well. By default, Channels is not encrypted because its goal is to reach a large audience. As stated by the firm.

If you are the administrator of a channel, followers won’t be able to see your contact information or profile picture. In a similar vein, following a channel will not divulge your phone number to either the administrator or any of the other followers. Whom you choose to follow is entirely up to you, and the decision is kept private.

Channels will initially be made available to a restricted number of enterprises in Colombia and Singapore; after that, it will gradually roll out to additional nations over the next few weeks.