Amazon is launching a feature that allows you to make $25 per video by creating a Tiktok like video

Amazon is paying $25 a video to influencers to bolster its TikTok-style “Inspire” shopping feed, but some producers are criticizing the low rate. Select influencers were emailed to submit videos featuring two or more Amazon products in the same category.

According to an online email screenshot, the company is offering $12,500 for 500 videos, or $25 per qualifying video. Bloomberg reported it first.
According to the screenshot, Amazon will limit the program to 35,000 films and spend $875,000 on it. The email says the company wants videos that “could be a product review of two or more products, a product comparison video, a ranking video listing the best products in a certain category, or even gift inspiration featuring multiple products.”

Creators have criticized Amazon’s poor payment practices on social media.

One developer said on X, “25$ per job, LOL Amazon can go find someone else to play that game.” An author wrote: “500 videos!! Damn, that’s a full-time job”, while another said, “SOOOOO Up To $25 / video LOL no thanks.”
Amazon declined TechCrunch’s comment.

The online retail giant launched the Inspire feed last December, a short-form video and photo feed that lets customers browse and shop from influencers, brand, and consumer content. The initiative was intended to divert users from TikTok, where marketers can directly promote to customers, to boost Amazon sales.

Amazon wants to attract influencers with monetary offers to keep consumers engaged with the feed by posting new and intriguing content. Its rate is much smaller than influencers’ per image or video.

Brands Meet Creators, an industry consulting organization, says influencers charge $212 for the type of material Amazon wants. While some creators make more per post, fees vary. These characteristics make it unlikely for Amazon to court creators with a fraction of their usual revenue.

Bloomberg reported that TikTok has been increasing its e-commerce capabilities for months, so Amazon’s attempt is not surprising. The U.S. began testing TikTok Shop last November, allowing companies to sell their goods directly on the app with full checkout.

TikTok may also be launching a new in-app “Trendy Beat” shopping section that sells things from ByteDance’s subsidiary. The new TikTok e-commerce concept is similar to how Amazon Basics and Shein promote and sell their top-selling products. Amazon is building and promoting its TikTok-style Inspire feed to compete with Amazon and Shein.