Apple is ditching the end call button idea for the iPhone 15 and iOS 17

Apple’s iOS 17 update announcement at WWDC in June didn’t include many contentious changes, aside from moving the end-call button to the bottom right corner of the call screen grid.

However, the Cupertino business has recently reversed that decision, relocating the end call button to the bottom center, as it did in iOS 16. People presumably didn’t like the new location of the end call button because they were used to tapping that section of the screen to end a call without looking.

On iOS 16, Apple previously placed the end call button beneath the icon grid on the call screen. The business initially altered the call screen UI with the iOS 17 beta version to incorporate the Contact Posters functionality. The icon grid was pushed almost to the bottom of the screen, but the end-call button was moved to the bottom right.While that change has been there since the first batch of iOS 17 betas were released in June, it has only recently gained traction.

Apple most likely received unfavorable feedback regarding the new position of the end-call button, therefore, the firm decided to move it to the bottom-center with the current set of betas—developer beta version 6 and public beta version 4. With the icon grid migrating down, the button is back in a familiar location for iOS 16 users.The tech titan will most likely unveil the new iPhone during an event next month, after which the iOS 17 update will be made accessible to all eligible devices.