Google slashes the price of the Pixel 7 and You won’t believe the amazing deal!

Google Pixel 7 for $449 (a $150 savings).

Among a slew of tempting bargains on its best gadgets, Google’s Pixel 7 is getting a price cut today. Normally selling for about $600, Amazon today has the popular Android phone for $449.

In a remarkable turn of events, our tracking data reveals that the Pixel 7 has achieved an unprecedented 25% reduction, setting a new record in its history. In a surprising turn of events, the flagship Pixel smartphone finds itself facing tough competition from its own mid-range counterpart, the Pixel 7a. Priced at an unprecedented low of $444, the Pixel 7a has emerged as a formidable contender, threatening to overshadow its higher-end sibling.In addition to the aforementioned bargains, it is worth noting that the current flagship smartphone in the series, the Pixel 7 Pro, is currently available at a reduced price of $699, reflecting a significant $200 reduction. In addition to the assortment of phones, the highly anticipated Google Pixel Watch is also available at a discounted price. The current selling price stands at $289.99, representing a $60 reduction from its original price.