Google’s AI now creating artworks that inspire Tiktok creation with it’s revamped Arts & Culture app that has AI-generated designs.

Google launched a revamped Android Arts & Culture app today, with an iOS launch coming soon. New features include AI-generated postcards, Play tab, TikTok-like “Inspire” feed, and more in the overhauled app.

Most importantly, the app now lets users send AI-generated postcards to friends via “Poem Postcards”. This new tool lets users select an artwork and choose a sonnet, haiku, limerick, or more to produce an AI-generated poetry using Google’s PaLM 2 Model. This poem can be sent as a digital postcard to friends. The feature is now in some countries.

Find an artwork you like on Google Arts & Culture and click ‘Poem Postcards’ to generate and share poetry.

The app now has a “Play” page where users can play with photography features like Art Selfie and Art Filter and games like Blob Opera and Viola the Bird. Google’s Play tab now has Poem Postcards.Users may also swipe through a TikTok-like “Inspire” feed with a tailored stream of cultural highlights. Google thinks cultural items, tales, events, and more can inspire people. You may favorite content on TikTok to see more like it.

The new “cultural flywheel” shows similar cultural resources to explore.

“For example, start your journey with Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and the flywheel will unearth cross-cultural connections presenting other jewelry depictions across regions and time,” Google explained in a blog post. “We are always investigating new ways to connect cultural content so this feature will continue to evolve.”

Finally, the revamped app simplifies cultural explorations including art, gastronomy, fashion, craft, and science. Artifacts, cultural stories, partner collections, and more can be browsed by place, topic, and creator.

Google claims the new modifications will make the app easier to use and provide users new options to study culture.