Introducing Bluesky: Unveiling the Ultimate Power to Uncover Your Likes!

On Friday, Bluesky released a number of upgrades to its mobile apps and website. These updates include a new tab that allows users to view their own likes, notification support for mobile apps, and an emoji picker for the online composer.

Threads, a competitor to Bluesky, recently introduced a new page in its settings titled “Your Likes,” which enables users to view posts that they have liked on their own platform. Bluesky, on the other hand, has provided its users with a “Likes” page for their accounts. The location of the tab is comparable to that of X (previously Twitter), but in contrast to the social network owned by Elon Musk, Bluesky does not enable users to view the posts that other users have liked.
The platform stated in a post that a user’s likes are public and hence may be accessed through the application programming interface (API). Although the original client does not display these, third-party applications have the option of including functionality that makes it possible to see what other users have liked.

The social network also included the capability to propose persons to mention whenever a user puts a “@” in the composer. This function is activated when the user inserts a “@”. This update is currently accessible on all supported systems. Emoji selection was added to the web version of Bluesky’s composer as part of another update to the tool. Bluesky is enhancing its mobile applications with the addition of notifications with its most recent release.

In an effort to maintain a consistent level of network traffic, Bluesky implemented new rate limits for actions such as resetting passwords and changing user handles earlier this week. This decision was made by the social media firm because, the previous week, after Musk revealed that X would be deleting the “block” option, Bluesky briefly unable to handle the load of the additional traffic that was brought to the site.